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Yamaichi Electronics USA Releases CFP2 High Speed Mid-Mount Connector Solution for Networking Applications

Mid-Mount CFP2 

San Jose, CA. January 2018 – Yamaichi Electronics USA, a leading supplier of high speed connector and cable assembly products, introduces CFP2 high speed mid-mount connector solution in response to today’s networking demands. The CFP2 mid-mount connector solution consists of a host connector, a cage, a heat sink and clip.

The CFP2 mid-mount connector solution is designed to lower the module port position by straddle-mounting connector beneath PCB surface. This will create more space to place a taller heat sink to improve heat dissipation for next generation high power modules such as 400G DCO (digital coherent optics) modules.  The port position adjustment allows a CFP2 module to fit perfectly into a half-U size rack system. The CFP2 mid-mount connector is also constructed to support the next generation of high speed requirements such as 64Gbaud ACO (analog coherent optics) and 112G-PAM modules.  

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Product distribution provided by Heilind Electronics, Future Electronics, and Mouser Electronics. For more information, please call for availability information via Yamaichi Electronics USA San Jose sales office TEL: 1-408-715-9100 or contact via company email address @ 

ABOUT Yamaichi Electronics USA:
Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary division of Yamaichi Electronics Company, LTD. This sub-division, referred to as YEU, serves as the North American corporate sales office. Yamaichi’s parent corporation has subsidiaries and manufacturing plants in over 11 different countries.  YEU was founded and incorporated as a business on November 1, 1983, when it opened its first office in Palo Alto, California. Steady growth of the Yamaichi product lines in the United States include our Test & Burn-In sockets and production connectors as well as standard and high-density connectors. In addition to our headquarters in San Jose, California, YEU has a number of sales offices and representatives in key locations throughout the United States.