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HDMI Type E Connectors & Cables for Automotive

Category : Data I/O Cable Connectors

PKS019-50 Series Automotive HDMI Type E Connectors

  • Adopting surface mounting (for through-hole reflow soldering) to achieve the industry’s smallest PCB occupancy area: Depth: 24.35 mm × Mounting height: 12.50 mm × Width: 24.50 mm

  • Providing the soldering terminal block with surface mounting designing to reduce the transmission path, thus achieving improvements in transmission characteristics

  • No exposed metal on the lower surface of the connector, thus eliminating pattern prohibited areas on the mounting surface

  • Providing the shell mounting part with through-hole reflow soldering designing to improve solder peel resistance

  • A lineup of products with or without flanges secured to the housings; supporting flange shapes to meet customers’ specifications

  • HDMI Ver. 1.4b compliant

  • Supporting HDMI Type E Cable Assembly: PKH019 Series (Type E-Type E and Type A-Type E designs) 

Product Series Flyer

  • Current Rating :0.5A -Voltage Rating : 40V AC

  • Withstanding Voltage : Before mating: 500V AC, 1 min. / After mating: 300V AC, 1 min

  • Insulation Resistance : Before mating: 500V DC 1,000ΩMin. / After mating: 150V DC 10MΩMin

  • Contact Resistance : 30mΩMax

  • Opereting Temperature : -40℃ to +85℃ / 95%RH MAX

  • Insertion/Extraction Wear Life : 10 cycles